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End of Year Three on the Road & Happy New Year!

When I used to live in the States I would go to my parents’ in Pennsylvania for Christmas and return to Manhattan for New Years Eve.  But ever since I started traveling in 2010 somehow I managed to be somewhere … Continue reading

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Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner: Incredible Stories from North Korea

Yesterday we had a rare opportunity to host a dinner for a young North Korean defector named Kim Jin-Sung.  A full 24 hours later I am still processing what I heard and learned from him, most of which was so … Continue reading

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July 9, 2012

This morning I walked over to Central Park.  As I circled the reservoir I thought about how lucky I’d been to live so close to this place for so long.  It occurred to me that I really have missed this … Continue reading

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End of Year One

One year ago today I left my beloved island of Manhattan and chose to live my life on the road.  Now that I’ve spent a year being homeless I can say with certainty that it was the best decision I … Continue reading

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Kalbijjim: Braised Short Ribs Recipe

This Korean style braised short ribs is a crowd pleaser and easy to prepare.  With my friend Paula being our guest and my aunt and uncle also visiting us, my Mom thought she’d make a large batch of kalbijjim- braised … Continue reading

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Planning to travel again

I returned from my trip to California to find Grandma’s cucumber vines starting to thin out.  But as nature takes its course on one another wonderful thing has come into its spotlight- I was thrilled to see that the tomatoes … Continue reading

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Cucumber Kimchi

My Grandmother loves her vegetable garden.  At the age of 90 I think she looks forward to tending to her little patch of greenery more than anything else in the world.  Each summer I can expect to get fresh cucumbers, … Continue reading

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