Dates & Places

This is my current itinerary and will be updated as I confirm my travel dates and specific places.  Please come and join me whenever/wherever you want!


January, February, March 2015: California & New York, USA

April, 2015: Oaxaca, Mexico

May 2015: California, Hawaii, USA; Tokyo, Japan; Singapore

June 2015: New York and Chicago, USA

July 2015: Sweden, London, England

August 2015: London, England; Paris, France

September 2015: New York and California, USA

October 2015: Peru

November, December 2015: TBD




November 18, 2010: London, U.K.

Thanksgiving, 2010: Florence & Rome, Italy

November 28, 2010: Madrid, Spain

December, 2010: Marrakesh, Morocco; Spain (Seville, Granada, Barcelona); Paris, France

Christmas & New Years, 2010: Kerala, India


January 24, 2011: Karnataka, India (Mysore & Bangalore)

January 29, 2011: Chennai, India

March 22, 2011: Rishikesh, India

April 20, 2011: South Korea

May 16, 2011: Singapore

May 22, 2011: Hong Kong

July, 2011: California and Pennsylvania, USA

August, 2011: New Mexico, Pennsylvania, New York, USA

September, 2011: Pennsylvania, New York, USA; Merida, Mexico

October 2011: Merida, Mexico

November 2011: Merida, Mexico; San Francisco, USA; The Galapagos Islands, Ecuador

December 2011: USA


January 1, 2012 to January 15, 2012: Patagonia, Chile & Argentina

January to May 2012: Buenos Aires, Mendoza, Salta, Jujuy, Argentina & Colonia, Uruguay

June 2012: San Francisco, USA

July 2012: New York & Pennsylvania, USA

August 2012: Pennsylvania, USA & Switzerland

September 2012: Tuscany, Italy; Nice, France; Barcelona, Granada, Seville, Spain; Lisbon, Portugal

October 2012: Pennsylvania & New York, USA

November 2012: Kerala, India

December 2012: Kerala, India & Tasmania, Australia


January 2013 to March 2013: Hobart, TAS; Sydney, NSW; Melbourne, VIC, Australia

March 2013: Queenstown, New Zealand; Sydney, Australia

April 2013 to October 2013: Tokyo, Japan and Seoul, South Korea

November 2013: New York, USA; Tokyo, Japan, Bocas Del Toro, Panama

December 2013: New York, USA


January 2014 to April 2014: USA (Pennsylvania, California, New York)

May 2014: Anguilla, British West Indies and USA (Pennsylvania, New York)

June 2014: Marbella, Spain

July 2014: Dublin and Northern Ireland

August 2014: Sweden and Denmark

September: New York, USA

October 2014: New York, Florida, California, USA

November 2014:  Paris, France

December 2014: New York & California, USA


9 Responses to Dates & Places

  1. georgeq says:

    Chris…we have a large 5 bedroom house about 12 kms up the road from would need a car…but you are welcome to have the house

    poring with rain in Manhattan today



    • dreamgolive says:

      Senor Jorge, you are too kind to make such a generous offer to me. my hotel situation is already sorted out for spain so i won’t be able to take you up on it. but i would, one day, love to visit your lovely home! i’ll be sure to bring a bottle of delicious wine and wear proper shoes, of course… muchas gracias!

  2. Bryant says:

    Wow, thats a longer list of places than I thought.

    Sounds like you two are having a lot of fun and eating alot of yummy meals.

    I don’t know what I would have done upon arrival to Marrakech and I love the title “I have to wear stretchy pants” lol.

    Are you stateside anytime before June?


  3. See you in Australia next year!

  4. dwijenvaidya says:

    Hey Your blog is realli inspiring and interesting… seems you have traveled many parts across the globe….you are ACTUALLY living the life I have always dreamt of….I am from India and after seeing your blog it seems that majority of your life changing experiences have taken place in India such a holi and inspiring land….next time when you come to India apart from Kerala you must visit Himalayas one of the paradises on Earth (you must know better than me of course)….you should spread your work and inspire others by writing books apart from your blogs….you should arrange webinars/seminars and/or guest lectures so many people would be inspired from you….keep it up…!! Best of Luck…!!

  5. dcespejo says:

    Hey! awesome blog!
    I am from Merida (live in London now) and I was looking up what could you get in Mexico for £1 (my friends can’t believe how cheap could it get), when I ran into this amazing journal.
    I had a big smile on my face when I read a bit of your experiences in Merida – felt a bit homesick though! Would kill for a pescado frito in Progreso right now!
    Anyway, if you’re ever back in London it’d be amazing to meet up and go for a pint!
    Buena suerte!


    • hi Diana, sorry for my late reply. I’ve been traveling for the last two months and haven’t had any time to get to my blog. I’m happy to hear that my posts brought a bit of home to you. Do you get to return to Merida often? I really did have a wonderful time in there. I just spent a month in Oaxaca and it reminded me how much I love Mexico. I hope to go back to a different part of Mexico sometime next year. This summer however, I will in fact be in London for about 3 weeks. I might note you and take you up on your offer to go for a pint?!

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