There is a Vending Machine for What?

自動販売機: jidōhanbaiki  I don’t know why but I like the way it sound.  I doubt that I’ll ever write it out correctly but I do like saying it.  Vending machines.  They are everywhere in Japan.  Of course the most common ones are for sodas, coffee, and tea (hot and cold options available for coffee & tea)



Sometimes I see vending machines in the oddest places.  Like this one below- I think maybe a door used to be there?


These were in the backstreets of Omotesando, built right into the staircase.


These two were part of an office building complex near Kamiyacho.


In Japan vending machines aren’t just for sodas though.  There are cigarette vending machines everywhere and you can easily spot beer vending machine all over town, too.



Beer is one thing but whiskey?


This one below was the mother of all vending machines.  It had everything from candy bars to cup ramen to wine (bad photo though!).  Notice the chopsticks?  So helpful!

IMG_4593 Vending machines are quite normal in Japan, but every now and then something catches my eye and I say to myself, “マジで?”  seriously?  Here are some of the vending machines in Tokyo that got my attention.

PROACTIV (cleansers and lotions for acne) vending machine: I saw it at a shopping center by the Ebisu JR station.


ICE CREAM vending machines.  Maybe that’s not so strange.  Saw this one at a parking lot in Shin-Okubo.


How about a Haagen-Dazs machine?  Green tea ice cream…. yum!  I spotted them a few times, including at Narita airport.  They didn’t forget to provide spoons either (they are in the box above the Haagen-Dazs sign).


BANANA vending machine: Shibuya Station via exit #3, in front of Book 1st in the basement (B2F).


Poster advertising the Dole banana vending machine


Banana vending machine


A single banana for ¥130 ~ $1.50; looks like a pack of three for ¥390 ~ $4

APPLE vending machine: Kasumigaseki Station (Marunouchi line), between exits B1 and B3



Not in the mood for something that healthy?  While the apple vending machine was full this snack vending machine just on the other side was more than half empty.


Would you buy waffles from a vending machine?  How about a slice of pound cake?


High tech vending machines around a few JR stations in Tokyo.  Looked too modern and slick to me…  I like the old models better.


TOY vending machine at a toy store in Ginza.  Really.  It was AT a toy store called Hakuhinkan Toy Park (博品館), one of the largest and the oldest toy stores in Japan.



A Hello Kitty bundle for $50+USD!?  Lego sets for $40+USD.


SOUVENIR vending machine: you can get a Japanese gift for someone back home from a vending machine in Shibuya near Maruara Watanabe.



Only in Japan…

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4 Responses to There is a Vending Machine for What?

  1. lunasealife says:

    I’m gonna live in Japan someday – I’ve never had the urge to even visit Japan but when I said “jidōhanbaiki” I got an intuition hit.

    I. love. this. post! And I love and miss you!!! I get the feeling I’m going to start moving again in June, and now I’m starting to make a bit of money doing web design, woohoo!! Sooo maybe our paths will cross again!!! x

    • I forgot how much I loved Japan until I came back to Tokyo. It’s a lovely country… jidouhanbaiki baby! 🙂 I’ll be in this part of the world for the rest of the year. Come on over!

  2. lunasealife says:

    OMG I just noticed the Monchhichis!!! I love Monchhichis!

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