Goodbye Chennai, for now

Today was the last day at KYM.  All this week I was definitely feeling a bit sad about having to leave.  Our last class of the entire course was with Sri Desikachar and today we chanted “Lagunyasa.”  He drew a picture on the board to reference each of the lines, patiently translated the Sanskrit words and phrases into English,  and then led us through the whole chant several times.  When the class was finished he came around and shook hands with each of us.  How sweet and generous…  He actually spoke a few words to me but I couldn’t hear what he said!  I could only thank him and smile.

Some of our teachers attended the closing ceremony, along with Sri Desikachar.  Our teachers joined him in a beautiful chant to bless us and we all got a bit choked up because of the kindness of their gesture.  Sri Desikachar then said he should chant to honor his father and teacher.  He stood up, went to the large photo of Sri Krishnamacharya, and there he stood touching the bottom of the photo where hit father’s feet were.  When he started chanting, I had to look away because I thought I would start weeping.  Sri Desikachar took the time to hand each of us our certificates and wished us well.  It was more than I had hoped for and a fitting end to the meditation course.  I know that I will need weeks and months to digest what I learned in the last 6 weeks.  But now I am ready to move on.

Thank you Chennai.  Thank you KYM.  Goodbye for now.

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